Hemp Masonry

Hemp Masonry


The Australian Hemp Masonry Company is based in the Northern Rivers Region in NSW and works with small to medium scale farmers to co-produce a durable, high quality, carbon neutral masonry building material suitable for exterior and interior wall construction.

The hemp which is a fast growing renewable resource is Certified low-THC hemp grown in NSW, Australia. Hemp masonry is ideal for the construction of sustainable homes. More than 55% of the material is fibre.

The product is much lighter than concrete and has a low embodied energy as it does not require kiln baking. Hemp lime walling materials carbonate when exposed to the atmosphere, to form non-loadbearing masonry walls with excellent flexural strength.

The material acts as a longlasting carbon sink.

The Australian Hemp Masonry Company’s Binder and Hemp products were fully developed and tested at the Australian Centre for Construction Innovation at UNSW. Although the binder is used predominantly with chopped whole stem industrial hemp it can also be used with hemp hurd.

This is the first fully tested Australian made hemp lime binder and there is significant interest in the material from Australian architects and home owners influenced by uptake of and developments in hemp construction in the UK.

Hemp masonry has the potential to make a major contribution to carbon management in Australia.


For further information see pages on hemp farming and building at http://www.hempmasonry.com/

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  1. Steve Goodier
    December 15, 2012

    Hi all,
    So excited about using the Aussie grown hemp and binder for my walls of my existing house .. Any help on amount , cost etc would be great .. Thank you

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