“Hemp: the Ashford trial” is a 30 minute documentary about Australia’s emerging Hemp industry. Set in Ashford, the former tobacco growing capital of N.S.W, the film focuses on the joint venture between the Ashford Business Council, local farmers and Klara Marosszeky, founder of the Australian Hemp Masonry Company.


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  1. Klara Marosszeky
    December 1, 2012

    The Ashford fibre crops are minimally irrigated. They are using about one third of the water needed for lucerne. Saying that, the yield does relate directly to the amount of rain or irrigation the crops get. You may get a crop but you will not get a bumper crop without rain or irrigation. The risk with no irrigation is mainly that there is potential for the THC level of the seed to creep to above 0.5% after which the farmer cannot collect seed for replanting. You can still harvest the fibre.

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